We run a weekly class for Swimmers and Triathletes. Pilates can have a substantial impact for swimmers and triathletes – if you would like to read more about how it can help you, then please read our article about how Pilates can improve your swimming times please click here.

How does our Pilates Course differ from any other Pilates Course / class?

There are many ways in which our Pilates for Swimmers and Triathletes Course differs from other courses:

The main thing is where we put our focus. In our classes we focus on exercises that develop strength and conditioning elements that our specific to swimming. They are (but not restricted to):

  1. Improving body position in the water.
  2. Improving efficiency meaning that you will go faster using the same amount of effort or less.
  3. Improving flexibility of the hips, ankles and shoulder girdle.
  4. Helping to eliminate lactic acid developed from swimming training.
  5. Strengthening the Obliques to aid with rotation
  6. Strengthening the entire core / trunk, which is critical to kick action in every stroke.
  7. Rehabilitating and preventing injury

Equally due to our small class sizes we are able to ensure that each participant gets individual attention and corrections. This also means that if any swimmers have any specific needs were are able to address them within our classes. For most swimmers and triathletes, a regular Pilates course would not meet the specific needs as outlined above and also may not be challenging enough. By teaching a group of competitive athletes we can work on the individual strength elements of a sport in a group of like minded people. We also are able to challenge our athletes with a variety of small equipment which is not commonly available in an average session. We are confident that our Pilates for Swimmers and Triathletes will help you to get your times down out of the water.

Our current course starts on Thursday 16 April in Godalming from 7-7.55pm. If there are spaces it is possible to join after the course has started, just email us to arrange it at info@targetpilates.co.uk