Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you can find an answer to any questions you may have below – if you still are unsure of anything, you can by all means contact us, using the form at the bottom of the page.

How Much does it Cost?

All of our Pilates Courses are priced at £48 for 6 weeks. There is also the option to book any 4 out of the 6 classes in a course for £36. If you book for 4 sessions, you may take the sessions anytime you like within the footprint of that course and we do not make you declare ahead of time when you are coming, you just turn up to the four sessions of your choosing. They also do not have to be taken consecutively. Course fees are non transferrable.

Private sessions are £30 per 55 minutes. They can be purchased as a single session or in blocks of 5 or 10. Block Bookings are valid for one year after purchase.

How long are the classes?

Both our Community Classes and Private Sessions are 55 minutes long.

Is it suitable for Beginners / Older Adults?

All of our classes are termed as ‘Mixed Ability.’ Because of the flexible nature of the Pilates method, we are able to modify and progress exercises to meet everyone’s needs within the same class. This means that people of different ages, abilities and fitness levels can participate in the same class. As our class sizes are so small, we try to give everyone individual feedback and corrections and there is always the opportunity to ask the teacher questions at the end of class. All our classes are kept small and friendly for this reason.

Is there a Minimum Age Required to Participate?

Participants of our courses must be a minimum of 16 years of age if they are accompanied, or 18 years of age if unaccompanied due to child protection reasons. Participants under the age of 18 will need to have a consent form signed by a Parent or Guardian prior to participating.

Can I pay for Individual Classes?

Unfortunately at the moment we only sell our courses as a fixed 6 week block. This is because with the number of clients that we have it would be impossible to administer and also our overheads with regards to teachers pay and hall hire fees are fixed. If we ran our course fees differently at the moment it would mean that we would not be a viable business. As a result our prices are pitched at a very reasonable level. As an example of some other local prices, most studios and leisure centres charge £9-£15 per hour long class. Our sessions work out at £8.00 per class.

How do I Pay?

All payments are taken electronically at the time of booking. Unfortunately we do not accept cash or cheques on the night. 

What Qualifications do the Teachers have?

All Target Pilates teachers hold a Level 3 Certificate in Pilates Instruction and are fully Insured. All of our teachers also have  many years of practical experience which ensures the highest quality of teaching.

How Long Should I Wait after Giving Birth before Joining a Class?

The standard length of time after giving birth is 6 weeks before you should resume any physical activity. However this assumes a normal, straightforward birth and it could be significantly longer if that’s not the case for you. You must have been signed off by a Medical Professional prior to starting or re-starting a course with us. Please also note that our none of our classes are specifically taught with Pre/Ante-Natal Clients in mind.

How do I Book?

You can book in for sessions either via the Private Sessions or Courses pages respectively. The Courses page will allow you to immediately book for any course if it is open to do so. In that the course is underway, clicking the ‘Register’ button will redirect you to a different page meaning you can leave your information and automatically be contacted the moment that the course is available to book.

I am Pregnant. Can I Join your Class?

At the moment we do not unfortunately offer either Pre or Post-Natal Pilates Classes. These clients are however welcome in the Studio for Private Sessions where the appropriate adjustments to the work can be made.

I have a Serious Back Problem or Injury and I have been told Pilates will help. Can I Come to your Courses?

Pilates has a strong and established link with the rehabilitation of injury, in fact this formed a very large part of the purpose of the method from when it was created. Generally speaking we do not recommend that you attend a class in a group setting if your injury is in the ‘acute’ stage, by which we mean if you are still under the care of a specialist consultant or you are in constant chronic pain, unless they have given you the all clear to participate. Everyone participates in our classes at their own risk – if you have any concerns regarding your health and the suitability of Pilates, we recommend that you speak to a medical professional prior to booking. A Private Session may be more appropriate in most cases.

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