Unmounted Pilates for Horse Riders Workshop

This workshop is 1.5 hours in length. Numbers are always capped at 12 so our participants get plenty of attention from our teachers and you do not need to have participated in Pilates before to take part. It serves as a general introduction to our Equestrian Specific Pilates Courses and is a fantastic option of Riding Clubs and other local groups.  Available on request. To see how we can help your riding club please email us at


Mounted Workshop

This workshop is 2.5 hours in length and involves both mounted and unmounted elements and is priced at ¬£65 per person. Run by Christina and Lisa Hales, this workshop will give you a fascinating insight into how quickly Pilates can help your riding. Numbers are capped at just 4 participants to ensure you get personalised feedback and attention. Occasionally this workshop is run ‘Freelance’ but generally in partnership with local riding clubs for their members. If you would like to book a Mounted Workshop for your Riding Club or local group, please contact us today at